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Values ​​& Sustainability

Ortalba Fresh by air is an italian trading company that select  best growers of organic (all fresh produce) and conventional farming (only berries) in the world.

This means that we have all the necessary certifications to say that the passion we put into this job is recognized by bodies authorized to certify the results for the consumer:

  • attention to residues in production;

  • limit or eliminate synthetic pesticides;

  • bring partners companies to use more and more recyclable packaging;

  • use regularly supervised labor;

  • offer fair prices to the market but maintain a fair remuneration for the work.



For us at Ortalba Fresh by air, sustainability means acting on several fronts, with the awareness that development, to be such, cannot be separated from growth that is also social, as well as economic, and which goes hand in hand with environmental protection.

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